Oct 01

A Mediterranean of Peace and Cooperation

Favignana, Ustica, Palermo, Gozo, Mahdia
01 Oct - 03 Oct
10:30 - 17:00

A set of local events focused on the role of young people in the protection of the natural heritage.

One European Cooperation Day along Mediterranean. Three programmes merged: INTERREG V-A Italia Malta, ENI CBC Italia Tunisia, Sicilian ERDF OP. Five territories involved: Palermo, Favignana and Ustica (Sicily), Gozo (Malta), Mahdia (Tunisia). Three participating projects: AMPPA, MED Dé.Co.U.Plages, A scuola di Open Coesione. About 12 school classes and 250 students will be part of it.

The event will take place on 1 and 3 October 2022 and starts from h 10:30, when  the students of Favignana (Sicily), Gozo (Malta) and Mahdia (Tunisia) will participate in the “Ecological beach” collecting plastic. Experts of the respective marine protected areas will organize thematic games on beach protection, coastal biodiversity and environmetal protection of Mediterranean.

The activities will continue at h 12:30 with a “Flash Mob” organised in collaboration with students of “Open Cohesion at school”, the Italian initiative promoted by the Sicilian ERDF programme where schools adopt and monitor the projects of their territories over time.

A live social event will start from the protected area of Mahdia (Tunisia), continue in Palermo Botanical Garden, the Favignana and Ustica marine protected areas (Sicily) and conclude in Gozo (Malta). A Mediterranenan of peace and cooperation is the main theme of the joint flash mob.

In the afternoon, the “Bike for peace” ride along the Favignana, Ustica and Gozo islands as well as the Mahdia peninsula will allow to discover the hidden rural aspects of the natural heritage and experience how significant and easy is the respect of nature and humanity.

During the two days, a “Photo Exhibition” will show to the public the natural heritage of Ustica (Sicily) and Mahdia (Tunisia) as well as its fragility and need to be protected.