Sep 30

Interreg cross-continent

Istanbul, Turkey
30 Sep - 30 Sep
09:30 - 12:00

Interreg funds projects to make life better in Europe, and beyond. This year, Interact Office Vienna will emphasise the “beyond” aspect of Interreg funding by celebrating the European Cooperation Day / Interreg Day in Istanbul.

Interreg’s funding of projects with Europe’s neighbours and non-EU countries positively impacts Europe in many different aspects. One of these aspects is common cultural heritage. Interreg funded just such projects through ENI-CBC Black Sea Basin Programme in Istanbul, two of which are OLKAS & LIMEN projects which aimed to bring into light the Eastern Roman/Byzantine heritage in the Black Sea Basin.

With this celebration event we will highlight how EU funding contributed in saving some of the Byzantine heritage around the Black Sea Basin, created permanent links among the institutions working on this heritage, and how Interreg’s scope goes beyond cross-border and reaches to cross-continent levels.