Sep 21

FoodSens: cross-border research network to fight food risks

21 Sep - 21 Sep
10:15 - 12:45

Bacteria, allergens, drug residues and many toxins threaten both the environment and our agri-food chain. A cross-border network of researchers develop sensors to detect them easier and faster. That is the essence of the Spanish-Portuguese project FoodSens, which on European Cooperation Day, will celebrate its final event.

The project, «Transfer of sensory technologies to prevent food risks», establishes links of cross-border collaboration between researchers and companies.

FoodSens transfered knowledge

The project promotes both competitiveness and international projection. And, of course, it aims to protect the consumer against possible food risks through simple, accurate and fast methodologies.

During the event, on September 21, FoodSens partners and researchers will present the main project results and their applicability in the short-medium term. Also, they will explain how to transfer the acquired knowledge to technology development companies.

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