Sep 21

FIREPOCTEP: cross-border cooperation challenge

Vigo, Spain
21 Sep - 21 Sep
00:00 - 00:00

Forest fires are a threat that requires enormous resources and a rapid response, regardless of borders. Also, beyond extinction, in the increasingly long and warm summer seasons, the mountains need prevention and forest management throughout the year.

Unfortunately, the regions along the Spain-Portugal border have a long experience in this matter. Thus, several POCTEP natural risk prevention projects fight against this environmental and civil protection problem: FIREPOCTEP is the only north-to-south POCTEP project currently ongoing on this issue.


FIREPOCTEP previous experiences

FIREPOCTEP project is today possible thanks to previous experiences of FIRE-RS and GEFRECON projects (Interreg SUDOE and POCTEP projects, respectively). This event will feature several project partners and representatives of those projects,

It will be an opportunity to discuss issues related to fire management and prevention, highlighting the essential role of cooperation between countries and reflecting on the role of youth in this issue

Finally, there will be a preview of some relevant videos and interviews produced during FIREPOCTEP’s activities.

The event will take place on Wednesday, September 21, starting at 12 noon and lasting approximately 1:30-2 hours. You will have simultaneous translation into Spanish and Portuguese.

It will have a hybrid format with live broadcast from the Miralles Building at the University of Vigo.


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