Sep 21

Event: Cooperation Pact against fragility

Santhia, Italy
21 Sep - 21 Sep
10:00 - 12:30

On the occasion of European Cooperation Day, project Reaction funded by Interreg Italy Switzerland programme, will organize on September 21st, from 10 am, an event to sign the “Pact for cooperation against fragility and loneliness”. 

Thanks to advances in medicine and technology, we now live longer and healthier than ever before. This is a good news, but here is the other side of the coin: if life expectancy increases, the number of elderly people and people in a fragile state increases.

The Interreg Italy Switzerland Project Reactions aims at helping fragile and elderly people, living in small urban centers and mountain communities, to stay healthy in their home and benefit  from a network of social and health support.