Sep 24

ECDay Theatre: “The car of the Comedians of the Caminos de Santiago”

Cáceres, Spain
24 Sep - 02 Oct
00:00 - 00:00

September 21 is “European Cooperation Day”, and the “Caminos de Santiago” POCTEP project celebrates it with theater.  More precisely, the “Caminos Jacobeos del Oeste Peninsular” will held 3 sessions of a play  in 3 towns of the Cáceres province.

The play will be “El Carro de los Cómicos de la Legua en los Caminos de Santiago”. The Cáceres Province administration, which is partner of several POCTEP Tourism projects, hosts this event.

The places of the 3 sessions will be:

  • Riomalo de Abajo on September 24.
  • Aceituna on September 25.
  • Galisteo on October 2.

Caminos Jacobeos project

The “Caminos de Santiago” medieval routes in the west of the Iberian Peninsula have a valuable historical, cultural and landscape heritage. However, they are in a situation of inferiority in terms of promotion and facilities compared to those in the north of Spain.

In this context, the CAMINOS project was born. It seeks cross-border coordination to create a catalog of resources and itineraries that generate of tourist flows. Its objectives is to promote the revitalization and economic development of rural areas in a sustainable way.